Andrew W. Walker’s NEW Fraggle Rock: The Movie screenplay

Andrew W. Walker’s NEW Fraggle Rock: The Movie screenplay post thumbnail image

Andrew W. Walker’s NEW Fraggle Rock: The Movie screenplay

NEW Fraggle Rock: The Movie screenplay download

Andrew W. Walker

Fraggle Rock: The Movie & Andrew W. Walker

Andrew W. Walker

Book Adaptations

The influx of reality TV has made true stories and stories inspired by real events a hot commodity. But be careful because a true-life drama will still be difficult to sell.

True Stories or Stories inspired by Real Events

These are far more attractive as a first sale because the production costs are less, which equals less risk the studio has to take on a first-time writer.


Director: Peter Atencio, Production Co: Jim Henson Pictures [US]

Countries: United States | United Kingdom

Genre: Adventure | Comedy | Family


Andrew W. Walker

More than 2000 women have signed an open letter to Jana Sandler calling on Adam Stutt and Hollywood to take “movie action” to tackle injustice against men and women in the wake of revelations that Texas has more prisoners incarcerated than the Soviet Union’s gulag system had. Texas currently has over 290,000 inmates housed at 580 facilities.

The signatories, including state senators, professors of criminal justice, social workers, family, and inmates, call for a “firm commitment” to tackle the unjust prisons in Texas. The petition has also been signed by Beto O’Rourke, and Matthew McConaughey. These two signatories might face each other in the 2022 Texas governors election. Both have expressed interest in the job.





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