Nicaraguan surf camp continues to carry torch for sense and sensibility, publicly rejects offer for tow-in foil program: “Yes, our tow-in foil program is located at” – BeachGrit

Sorry, Zuck.

It is rare to find women and men who prefer to stand on principle rather than the almighty dollar, even more rare in our surf world (see: The Inertia), which is what makes me so glowingly proud of Thunderbomb Surf Camp in southern Nicaragua.

The for-profit surf fully integrated operation, which asks, “Why not get uncrowded waves with great accommodations? With our surf vehicles and local boat captains you will have the freedom to surf more than just the beach out front. Here you can surf world-class waves, get barreled at The Boom, carve epic points, or even learn to surf without the crowds that plague the beaches of Costa Rica and southern Nicaragua,” just two months ago rejected a financially rich offer from a SUP tour group and publicly told them “fuck no.”

Lessons are tough to learn, though, and another punter recently reached out wondering if a “tow-in foil program” was offered.

Thunderbomb could have easily replied, “Sure” and taken much money but instead replied, “Hello, our tow-in foil program is located at”

Wonderful customer service indeed and many bravos.

The world’s 5th richest man Mark Zuckerberg will be made sad but you? Me?

Keeping deez nutz, and yours, safe.

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