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When press conference moderator Jacqueline Coley asked the three “Last Duel” screenwriters about the “delicate balance” of being true to the characters “in their timeframe and the ethics, moralities, and constructs of gender from that time” while also being aware of a modern audience watching all of this, Ben Affleck had a well-thought-out response. “Part of what we wanted to point out was the extent to which corrupt, and morally bankrupt, and misogynist institutions, create and produce people who reflect those values,” Affleck began, continuing: 

“But really, the idea that when a person is in power, and represents these values, and says, these are the values we encourage in you, and you’ll be rewarded for following them. It’s more about where Adam [Driver’s] character is, and how he’s taught to behave, and what he’s rewarded for, than it is about the essential nature of his character. In other words, that people can be changed and created by these large institutions. And that’s the value system that we wanted to indict. And so, that required making sure, on a kind of architectural level, that all those elements were included.”

Here, Nicole Holofcener added: “And if only we could walk out of this movie, if the audience could walk out of this movie and say, ‘Wow, it was awful back then. Thank God it’s not like that anymore.’ I wish.”

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