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Since he came to the movies, Zack Snyder He did not stop sowing controversy with his views on the world of superheroes. The director was the great father of DC Extended Universe (DCEU) as it is known today, but he went through the small door, quite ignored by a study that only fulfilled the whim of making a cut of Justice League by the constant insistence of the fans. With him, two great figures seem to have left: Henry Cavill and Ben Affleck, responsible for interpreting Superman and Batman, respectively.

It is not clear what will happen to Henry Cavill, which for many should have an opportunity again like Superman. Many others do not like him very much, and among his detractors appears a screenwriter from DC. Is about Phillip Kennedy Johnson, who happened to be the official writer of the superhero of Action Comics last year. In an interview with CBR during the New York Comic Con, made his opinion about the character clear.

“I have a clear vision of who he is Superman. And often, you know, obviously other writers have their versions in their heads too and sometimes when I see a version of Superman which is not, when he does something that is not what he would do, in my head it becomes fan fiction “, sentenced the screenwriter. This posture completely rules out the view of Zack Snyder. In his opinion, the one who came closest to the ideal of the character was Christopher Reeve.

Kennedy Johnson, the problem is in the moral construction of the
Kal-el from
Superman, says the screenwriter, is someone who
“Just smile and it’s as if there is no ego, there is no haughtiness”. In this sense, the screenwriter was in charge of remarking that his problem is neither with the physical nor with the acting of the
Superman from
Cavill, but with the
“Approach of The Man of Steel
in which he looks for himself and you may see him make a mistake or that he has opportunities to help and does not do it immediately because he is in conflict “.

JJ Abrams, the one responsible for saving the saga

Warner and DC agreed with J.J. Abrams to make a new production of Superman, of which no further details are known. In this context, the door is open for Cavill put the superhero costume back on. In fact, last year it was rumored that the actor had come up with ideas to continue the legacy of Kal-el.

There are also other versions of the creator of Lost I would go a completely different path. Some versions suggest that the next protagonist of the saga will be an artist of color. The main candidate is Michael B. Jordan, protagonist of Creed and with experience in Marvel What Killmonger.

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